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Fitness Over 40

It's never too late to start exercising and become lean and get fit over 40. Let go of preconceived notions: don't let age define what you think you are capable of! Make health and fitness a priority and begin to move and exercise with joy. Be confident that the steps you take will lead you to a fit, lean and healthy body.

Whatever your fitness goals are we'll help you achieve them with diet, training, supplement programs all right here on Get Fit Over 40. Our website is designed to give you the tools to make your transformation quickly, simply and with minimal confusion. Follow the our 3 easy steps to start your program now!

Fit Over 40
Get up and get moving! View our Exercise Videos and make exercise a part of your day!

The programs will be short in duration yet intense. Most often you will need no equipment other than your own body weight.

Beginners can start with 2-3 sessions per week. You can expect to find a new workout every week! Mix and match them as you progress and grow stronger.

The Shrink Nourish Program is the first step towards developing the most important aspect of a fit lifestyle: your eating habits. Follow the link to find recipes, menus, and grocery lists. Everything you need to start!

View our Recipes Page for meal ideas appropriate for all 3 phases of Shrink: Nourish, Weight Loss and Lifestyle.

Build muscle to lose fat! View our Weight Training area and find programs to build lean muscle that will reshape your body and rev up your metabolism. Start with 2 training sessions per week and feel the changes in your body almost immediately!

Fitness over 40

Get Fit Over 40 on FacebookNutrition BlogFitness BlogFitness Videos